Staples Office Supplies

The Staples program has been an excellent way for our company to save money, coordinate and monitor our remote office ordering and efficiently order via the internet. Our National Account Manager has been extremely helpful and easy to work with. We estimate we have saved over $20,000 this year from this program.

DBS Service Firm - Nancy [New York]

Several Services

As a small Home Theatre/ Satellite Dealer;I will save over $1,500 this year on my office supplies,courier services,technician background checks and hardware rebates.I would need to generate an additional $15,000 in revenue to achieve the same results.

Home Theatre Dealer - Duane [Florida]

Constant Contact

I wanted to thank you for your introduction of Constant Contact through The Buying Group. Within an hour I was able to go in and create a totally new newsletter. I am planning on sticking with them through the trial period.

Erny Bonistall [Georgia]

GSI Global Solutions Inc.

I have been working with Erny Bonistall and Janis Parkhill at Global Solutions to audit all of our telecommunications expenses to see where we might be able to save our company money. This included evaluating expenses for land lines, domestic and international calling services, cell phones, faxes, data lines (internet, DSL) and web site hosting. In the beginning, I had to do some minimal leg work of gathering up two to three months of bills from the related service providers (something that can easily be delegated) and filled out some paperwork authorizing them to contact these providers regarding our accounts. They were absolutely super to work with and made everything as easy and clear as possible. They walked a perfect line of following up just enough to get me to send in what I needed to without being demanding or pushy--even though I procrastinated and dropped the ball a couple of times in getting the information to them. Once the ball got rolling and things were in their hands, they stayed very focused, provided me with appropriate information and feedback from our providers, recommended changes where appropriate and let me know if they thought we were getting a good deal where we were. Never did I feel they had an agenda or wanted to push me to do something we weren't inclined to do. They simply provided information and alternatives and provided opinions when asked. They were totally responsive and professional and very easy to work with. And I guess I should mention that they did what we set out to do and were able to make some simple recommendations that will save our company money on an on going basis throughout the year and probably the years to come. Best of all, our costs are contingent on our savings. We had no risk whatsoever. They simply take a percentage of the money they will save us, so we were under no obligation and no risk when we entered our contract with them. For any company worried about money they might be wasting on these types of expenses, I think it's a no brainer.

Dawn Cloyd [Washington]

Collections - Kearns, Brinen & Monaghan.

I am writing this letter to express our appreciation and satisfaction with the folks at Kearns, Brinen & Monaghan. We have tried working with agencies and lawyers in the past and gotten little to no results. In working with KBM and Ron Castellon, we have found a group that understands our business, communicates as we need them to, remits to us on collections every 2 weeks and give us returns we thought we would never see on accounts that we had long considered dead. We have given the accounts that run the gamut form age and balance, as old as 3 years and in every segment they have gotten us a return. The amount of effort and dedication Ron and his team has shown to our collection accounts has been second to none. We know that if they are working on an account for us, they are committed to getting us the very best result they can get. I would gladly recommend Kearns, Brinen & Monaghan to any company who is dealing with a variety of merchants, especially those who work in our industry.

David Whitely - Trust One Payment Services [Georgia]


"I didn’t want to spend hours meeting with sales reps. PayrollMart showed me a detailed analysis of companies, and our doctors chose the one they liked best. "

Jason F. [New York]

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