ADP & Wright Express ( WEX)

"About 5 months ago, Royal Security Services decided to look into the Member Savings Programs that the ESA was offering to all its members.At the time we were using Quick Books to run our payroll program and decided to look into going with ADP Payroll program.We found out by switching to ADP our savings would turn out to be approximately $1,500 a month. We also utilize the Member Savings Program that Exxon / Mobile offers giving our company a 2% savings on fuel purchased on all of our company vehicles.Our monthly fuel bill went from over $2,800 a month to $2,250 a month. With all of the savings utilizing the programs the ESA offers , we can utilize the savings in other areas.These savings alone, pay for our yearly dues toward both the ESA and our state association(PBFAA)."

Ralph - Royal Security Services, Inc. [Pennslyvania]

Worldpay Credit Card Processing

"You can save money on everything from office supplies, tools,gas,tires to health plans and many things in between,” said ERA member Jody Nava, Alternator & Starter Repair, Sarasota, Fla. “When I first joined The Buying Group I received a quote on credit card processing and changed to their processor right away. The processor was very helpful and the change was very smooth. I received my quote in writing and have not had any problems with their service. This change will save me over $1,000 a year"

Jodi Nava - Alternator & Starter Repair [Florida]

Grainger Industrial Supplies

“I have ordered from Grainger on two different occasions since the ERA members were recently signed up by The Buying Group.The first item I ordered was a blower wheel with a catalog price of $49.45, my cost was $36.88. On the second order I ordered a bore gauge, catalog price of $251.50, my cost was $233.90. Both orders were shipped with free freight. One of those was shipped from the manufacturer. The value of the free shipping was just over $18. If I order from Grainger once every two months at that rate I can easily save the cost of the annual ERA dues with this benefit alone"

Mike Schroeder - Central Automotive Electric [New York]

Hewlett Packard

You guys have been GREAT!!! Thanks for the support in such a TOUGH timeline!!!

Tony Thornton - Executive Director AFA [Texas]

Several MSP Services

I had one of my accounting ladies gather all purchases that I have made to the vendors on the member savings program for all of last year and YTD this year. With Grainger I have spent $28,501. The deal I get through the AFA connection is free standard freight. We are estimating our average invoice from Grainger at $750. Average freight from Memphis on those is about $50. That works out to about $1900 of shipping cost that I have saved. We use WEX for our yard truck fuel. We have spent $4673. If we saved 15% that would be about $700 we saved. I think the 15% is pretty close. We never pay the pump price. With staples I have spent $12,413. The invoices do not tell me how much my discount was but if I only saved the minimum 40% then I saved $4965. That looks to me like I saved pretty close to $7500 on just these three vendors using the member savings program.

Tom Cunningham [Arkansas]

Ignite Payments / First Data

"Customer service is extremely important to us both as a customer and a vendor. We look for vendors and programs that will provide the optimum in service and knowledge about their product and program. From the initial phone call to the training to the implementation of our new credit card reader, the Ignite Payment team was very present, Jerry and Alan are a great asset to us . After our first month with Ignite, Jerry emailed a report breaking down our overall savings compared to our previous provider. He followed up with a phone call, and walked me through the entire report, and answered any questions that I had. Overall the experience has been very positive. Thank you ! "

Gina Pietrocola [New York]

Alliant Business Insurance

"I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude at the level of service I am receiving from Alliant Insurance. More specifically from Andy Stergiou and the NOMMA Insurance Program. Andy was able to provide a comprehensive insurance program, that provided the necessary coverages, for a lower price. Not only have our premiums been decreased by a significant amount with better coverage but the service has been great. Andy and his staff have been extremely responsive to any and all requests and has great knowledge of the NOMMA industry. We are grateful to find an affording broker that can service our insurance needs. Kudos to the NOMMA Board of Directors for starting this program!"

Bryan Suarez [Florida]

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