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Alliant Business Insurance

"DKTX, LLC, dba DoorKing of Texas, must be the biggest winner of the American Fence Association ‘Member’s Savings Program’. In 2013 and 2014, we had a few claims on our auto insurance that made it soar! I provided Andy Stergiou with Alliant Insurance a copy of our policies and 5 years of Run Loss Reports for a comparison quote. He is amazing. He saved us more that 50% on our insurance package for 2017. Things are looking great for 2017."

Paula Reese - DoorKing of Texas [Texas]


"I had been shopping hotel prices almost nightly since I’ll be staying in 12 hotel room nights between Jan 1 and March 1 in different cities and need to get the best pricing to ensure to stay on budget. I shopped many of the large competitors that promise the best pricing and the hotel engine w/ AFA. And I kid you not, I stayed at a 3.5 star hotel with Hotel Engine for $38 cheaper than any other site was promoting. My husband receives government rates and it was even cheaper than that! The process was seamless and easy and when I arrived to the hotel, they had my rooms assigned, next door to each other, and keys waiting to be picked up. I truly enjoyed my Hotel Engine experience and I am looking forward to saving money and referring this AFA benefit to other members in the future!"

J.L. American Fence Association / Fusion Marketing [Texas]

Hewlett Packard

You guys have been GREAT!!! Thanks for the support in such a TOUGH timeline!!!

Tony Thornton - Executive Director AFA [Texas]

Synchrony Financial

"Synchrony finance has provided my company the means to compete with interest free financing offered by the big box retailers. My average sales ticket has gone from $4000 to $6000 using this service the past year. Customers have expressed how pleased they have been with the convenient and fast credit approval times and having my final payments direct deposited by Synchrony right after completion has increased my company cash flow."

Todd Kopke [Illinois]

Hewlett Packard

" Hi Mark, I saw your post about the Labor Day Sale on computers. Can you make a recommendation? I might like to do some photo editing, but otherwise I just use the computer for shopping / facebook, as well as WORD/EXCEL, (Not gaming) Ideas? 

Later that day 2nd post : "re-reading your post, I saw that you DID make a recommendation, so I did a little bit of research, and purchased a 15z, customizing it to my preferences. ($600 after tax: Saved me $870) !! Thanks, Mark! "

Donna [AZ]

Several MSP Services

I had one of my accounting ladies gather all purchases that I have made to the vendors on the member savings program for all of last year and YTD this year. We use WEX for our yard truck fuel. We have spent $4673. If we saved 15% that would be about $700 we saved. I think the 15% is pretty close. We never pay the pump price. With Staples I have spent $12,413. The invoices do not tell me how much my discount was but if I only saved the minimum 40% then I saved $4965. That looks to me like I saved pretty close to $7500 on just these three vendors using the member savings program.

Tom Cunningham [Arkansas]

Synchrony Financial

“When our customer found out that we had financing available, they upgraded their material selection to premium lumber and also asked us to install a deck on the wife’s “she shed”.”

Blake Gasaway [Florida]

VMA MSP Program

What a powerful program and one of the major reasons we love being a division of the AFA. We will continue to push this program as we see this as a huge advantage to our members. 

Sam Williams - Regional Sales Manager Homeland Vinyl Products [Nebraska]

AFA Membership

"AFA Association dues are based on sales totals, so a Tier 1, less than 1 million is only $350.00 annually and if never joined the AFA, the fees are 50% off the first year. We can help provide savings of @$10,000.00 just using our Member Savings Program (MSP) that will more than offset your dues very easily. Would enjoy the opportunity to discuss! " 

Tony Thornton [Texas]


"I didn’t want to spend hours meeting with sales reps. PayrollMart showed me a detailed analysis of companies, and our doctors chose the one they liked best. "

Jason F. [New York]

Synchrony Financial

"Without Members Saving Program and Synchrony Financial I would have lost a $30,000 dollar job. " 

Ken Throckmorton - Forever Fence & Rail [Ohio]

Alliant Insurance

"I wanted to let you know that having access to Andy as a AFA member was very beneficial; this guy knows his business and is very professional. Although we did not contract with Alliant this year, the door is open for next year. 

Thank you for pointing us in the right direction."

R. Bennett A-1 American Fence [Texas]

Card Connect

"A few things that stand out in my mind. You have a great team of caring professionals that take care of us and always get the job done. 

You go above and beyond by providing insight and help to improve our return and keep cost down.Your pricing can’t be beat. We have had others say they can, but given the chance they just can’t.What more can we ask for. Great customer service, great support, and great pricing. You guys are the best.

And I really do mean it. We appreciate all you and your team do. "

Frank Driska - Director of Finance [Texas]


Batteries Plus Bulbs announced as newest supplier
Batteries Plus Bulbs announced as newest supplier

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